There’s no doubt the Super Mario Bros. Movie is going to be a big hit this year. We already talked about the legacy of Mario and how the Italian plumber has been entertaining us for decades. Illumination and Nintendo keep teasing us with posters, teaser trailers, etc. from the Super Mario Movie.

One of the latest teasers is the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial played at the Super Bowl. The commercial is filled with nostalgia and fun easter eggs. Here’s a list of all the easter eggs we found.

The Plumber Rap

At the end of the ’80s the Mario brothers had their tv-show ‘Super Mario Brothers Super Show’. The opening sequence of this show is called the ‘Plumber Rap’. A part of these lyrics is used in the new commercial for the Super Bowl. You can check the old-school rap in the video below.

1889th Street

On the map in the video, we can see 1889th street. It’s an easter egg referring to the Japanese multinational video game company. Nintendo was founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta and originally produced handmade Hanafuda playing cards.

The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing dispatch

The video provides us with a number we can text or call. By calling ‘929-55-Mario’ or ‘929-556-2745’ you’ll hear a voice message from Luigi. You can hear the full voice message in the video below.

You can also text the number, you’ll receive a text with a link to subscribe to what looks like email marketing for the movie. You’ll also receive some other texts about the plumbing company if you further reply to the received texts.

The smbplumbing-website

Visit the smbplumbing-website , it’s filled with fun easter eggs! You can find a new poster hidden in the sewers, there’s a whole soundboard hidden in the website, and a ‘coming soon’ message. Here’s the whole list of easter eggs on the website;

Clicking the wrench-text balloon in the navigation

Clicking the wrench-text balloon in the navigation plays the startup sound of the GameCube.

Clicking the certified Super-icon

Clicking the ‘Certified Super!’-icon plays a power-up sound effect.

Clicking the As Seen on TV-image

Clicking the ‘As seen on TV’-image plays the starting sound effect of a Mario Kart race.

Clicking the Manhole Cover

When you move your mouse over the manchole cover you'll see it opens up. Clicking the manhole cover brings us to a cloudfront link with a new poster. We can see Bowser and Kamek greeting the Koopa Troopa Army.

Bowser and Kamek greet the Koopa Troopa army in the new Super Mario Bros Movie poster

Clicking the 24/7 Emergency Services!-icon

Clicking the ‘24/7 Emergency Services!’-icon plays a sound that sounds a lot like a jump but with a weird sound at the end.

Clicking the broken image

Clicking the broken image in the testimonials redirects us to a 404 page. You can see tree warp pipes on the page, clicking each will play a unique sound. But there’s more to this page, if you click the 2nd pipe, 3rd pipe, and 1st pipe in this order you will hear an instrumental version of the Super Mario Bros. Theme Song.

Clicking the Apply Now-icon

Clicking the ‘Apply now!’-icon redirects us to a ‘coming soon’ page. We also get the message that they’re still working on the application process and that we have to check back later. Something we have to keep an eye on in the future.

These are all the easter eggs we found in the video and on the website. How did you like the easter eggs and have you found any others? Let us know in the comments!

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